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Course on Fiscal Risks Management and Fiscal Sustainability

This course provides comprehensive training on how to identify, assess and manage fiscal risks. It covers the various elements of fiscal risks management, including an in-depth analysis of multiple approaches and institutional arrangements for managing fiscal risks. It also seeks to expose participants to the standards for disclosure of fiscal risks and the importance of long-term fiscal sustainability.


A fiscal rule imposes a long-lasting constraint on fiscal policy through numerical limits on  budgetary aggregates. Fiscal rules typically aim at correcting distorted incentives and containing pressures to overspend, particularly in good times, so as to ensure fiscal responsibility and debt sustainability.

In line with these, WAIFEM is organising this course to broaden participants' understanding of various aspects of fiscal rules and risks assessments.

Regional Online Course on Developing Debt Markets: Domestic Debt and International Capital Markets

The course is aimed at equipping participants with the required skills and knowledge to formulate policy reforms aimed at domestic resource mobilization for financing projects and programmes for sustainable economic development. It will also give participants first hand appreciation of the challenges associated with the mobilization of resources to finance key infrastructure projects

Diploma in Public Debt Management

Diploma Course in Public Debt Management: WAIFEM e-Learning diploma course in Public Debt Management is a comprehensive training designed by WAIFEM for people seeking an understanding and practical application of sovereign debt management in public and private sector institutions.

The course is particularly suitable to officials with responsibilities for public financial management, debt, accounting and research and private sector needing a broad understanding of public debt management techniques. The course is tailored to provide good grounding of the theory and practical experience of public debt management, concept of external and domestic debt and also application of these concepts in the real world of finance.